"Until the sun rises in the west, and sets in the east. Until the rivers run dry, and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves..."
* 8 word story (via helloblondiex)
why is my otp on this horrible show


i have 3 moods:

  • skips every song on my ipod
  • lets the music play without interruption
  • plays the same song on repeat for days


in english class we had to write a ghost story and i wrote down a supernatural episode and my teacher complimented me for my imagination

Sinto sede » Vou até a cozinha » encho o copo de água » bebo nem metade do copo » Jogo o resto de água na pia.






let’s play Did I Always Have That Personality Trait Or Did I Absorb It From A Character?

Bonus round: wait one fucking second isn’t that something my friend says and now I’m saying it too

and then there’s my favorite: Did I Get That From My Friend Or Did They Get It From Me?